March 12-13, 2005
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Alicia Lazar - 8th Place Winner Girls Handicapp
James Knox - Place Winner Boys Handicapp
Nick Bosteder - 24th Place
Winner Boys Handicapp
Taylor Bingham- Place Winner Boys Handicapp
Teddy Bingham tries to remember which was root beer
Bobby Angleman prays to the Air Hockey Gods
Another win...
Bobby Angleman thanks the Air Hockey Gods
Taylor Bingham receives his plaque...
...shows it off...
...then gets shy.
Proud Mom Cheryl Bosteder with
24th Place Winner, Nick...
...So proud, in fact, she insisted
on another picture.
"Enough, Mom, I am the star..." So Mom hugs Teddy instead."
"Yes, I'm the star, Mom..." 
"I'm tellin' Ross!" screams Bo Angleman.
"Humm...," Kay Shook eyes all the shenanigans.
Bill Knox eyes
the cake.
Alicia Lazar gets an early surprize before turning 15 on March 14, 2005.
Alicia and Jared Knox, the cutest couple
in Benton.
Kay Shook tells a
good one...
Alicia, April Brewer and Cheryl
don't get it...
April finally gets it.
Alicia with her hard
won plaque.
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