The Cabin Chapbook


A Friend Remembered 

Why must the memory linger,
And the pain go on and on?
The music is forgotten,
But I still recall his song.

It haunts me while I'm sleeping,
And it's there when I'm awake.
A lonely, sad reminder,
Of the chance he had to take.

Although the future beckons,
And the past grows ever dim,
I'll never lose the feelings
Or the memories of him.

Always a friend and brother,
Till he lost that final race,
And fate reached out to take him
To it's sad and distant place.

Someday I hope to join him,
When my life on earth has ceased.
And again we'll share our friendship,
Till then, Dennis, rest in peace.

This poem written in memory of Dennis Wade Barnett, a true friend and blood brother. God keep you.


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