The Cabin Chapbook



Sometimes a deeper sadness creeps to grab you from behind,
And snares your weakened heart with steely claws,
It blocks the light of reason from the dreams you'd hoped to find,
To crush them into dust within it's jaws.

Left standing in the darkness with the pieces scattered 'round,
It taunts you to relieve the growing pain.
Then nothing seems to matter but the solitary sound,
Of voices in a mind that's gone insane.

You're left with vacant choices of a life that lost it's glow,
With little to believe and much to learn.
But no one seems to notice and no one seems to know
About the final bridge you're soon to burn.

A life with many questions, but answers far and few
Between the choices that you had to make.
When life becomes a mystery, without a single clue,
You make your final choice and last mistake.

Your suicide is painless, except to those you leave,
To try and understand your senseless death.
With questions running rampant upon the web you weave,
You say good-bye and take your final breath.

And then the only question that matters anymore,
Is left on every trembling lip that cries.
They'll mourn you in your passing beyond that final door,
But never understand the reasons why.


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