The Cabin Chapbook


Between the Dreams 

Beyond the distant memories,
Of a world we once had shared.
I searched for deeper meanings,
Through the dreams that took me there.

You lay between the spaces,
Of the dreams I had each night.
In silence cloaked with darkness,
Far removed from conscious sight.

But in that gentle darkness,
You remained a shining star.
A tiny point of light,
That traveled with me very far.

And all the years I held that light,
Within my longing heart,
Though tortured by your memory
As we drifted far apart.

The months turned into years
That led me on my chosen way,
As the mist of time gone by
Began to shroud those golden days.

Still there within the haze
Your image floated 'cross my mind.
And all the love I found
Was less than what I left behind.

Our lives become a journey
We must follow to the end.
And paths we chance upon
Can sometimes circle back again.

The dreams that don't come true
Become the rocks we stumble on,
But sometimes still we find the dream
That leads the way back home.

 Between those dreams unfinished
I kept my eyes upon the glow.
That light of distant memories,
Of a love I once had known.

And then one day I realized
My dream could still come true.
So I set my sight upon that star,
That led me back to you.


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