The Cabin Chapbook


  Two Poets   

What darker rooms are held within
The temples of their soul?
Where demons ply their haunting trade
To dim their inner glow.

The shadows of their past regrets,
Like blackest funereal shrouds,
Have made them mute to things they know
Unable to speak aloud.

But in the quietness of their heart,
A voice can still be heard,
A distant call to speak in verse,
With rhythmic flowing words.

Two ships set sail from separate lands,
Adrift within the night,
No course is set, no mission planned,
Just searching for the light.

Their vessels formed of flesh and blood,
They navigate with rhyme
The oceans of their deepest thoughts,
Across the seas of time.

A journey of discovery,
Beyond the simpler truths.
To solve the deeper mysteries
Encountered in their youth.

The storms that rage in maddened skies
Have forced them from the helm,
Below the decks to darker rooms,
Where all the demons dwell.

And as they drift in angry seas,
They open many doors,
In search of charts to guide their way
To peaceful, gentle shores.

They stumble in the darkness of
The questions in their mind,
To seek the answers hidden there
They feel they have to find.

So weary from the battles waged,
Against their mortal strife,
They hope for rest that seldom comes,
For solace in their life.

With growing fear they look within
The shelter of their souls,
While far above the storm grows fierce,
The winds of change still blow.

And when the storm has reached it's height,
They see a glowing key,
It lies within the darkest room,
That leads to destiny.

It fits the locks that held them bound,
Within their deepest fear,
Of sailing on through time alone,
Without a purpose clear.

Ascending with the keys in hand,
Escaping from their hell,
With verses dancing in their thoughts,
And no more dreams to sell.

Their battered ships have held them safe,
Though forcing them inside,
But now they're armed with tools to fight
The demons where they hide.

Above, the sun is breaking free,
A gift of wondrous light.
And on the far horizon there
Appears a ship in sight.

They each can see more clearly now,
Across the rolling seas,
Another soul who holds the key,
To doors of poetry.


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