The Cabin Chapbook


Crash and Burn 

So you think you're a Romeo,
You're laying there in the afterglow,
You're feeling fine - but do you know
Where the feelings go?

Closed your eyes and you fell in love,
Had a taste, but it's not enough.
Lost your way - then you gave it up,
What were you thinking of?

Are you really what you think you are?
You seem to feel you're a shooting star,
But your light doesn't travel far,
No one knows your name.
You gain respect as you live and learn,
A shooting star has to crash and burn,
Did anyone explain?

You take a trip but you never leave,
So many lies, who should you believe?
All your friends - how they can deceive,
Will you ever see?

All your life you have tried in vain,
Your light was shining through the falling rain.
Lost your heart - and you felt the pain,
Then you went insane.

Will you be happy living all alone?
Can you make it when you're on you own?
When love is dying, where do lovers go,
Do they fade away?

Will the memories bring you happiness,
Or remind you of the emptiness
You feel today?

Your future is so hard to see,
Past mistakes are now just history.
Ask yourself - "Will she remember me?"
Just wait and see.

Old lovers can never be good friends,
And when the fun and loving ends,
You'll wonder if your heart will mend,
It's broke again.

So when it's over, let the feelings die.
It never does too much good to cry.
Don't waste your time by asking how or why,
You lost your way.

Say good-bye and go your separate ways,
And let the memories of those painful days
Just fade away.

You took a chance but you lost your heart,
Somehow the tears tore it all apart.
You're all alone when the crying starts,
And she departs.

It's over now and it's time to go.
No one cares if you make it home.
It's not easy - and you're so alone.
When the love is gone.

Now you know what it really means,
You live your life but you lose your dreams,
Your happiness, it always seems,
You have to earn.

When the time comes to settle down,
You need a friend but there's none around,
Will you crash and burn?


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