The Cabin Chapbook


Empty Glass 

So many nights I spent alone,
Surrounded by the crowd.
My silent memories haunting
With the music playing loud.

Holding on to broken dreams,
Drinking with my friends.
Forgetting every song they played,
They never seemed to end.

People dancing all around,
While I sat on my stool.
Making toasts that no one heard
And feeling like a fool.

Take a drink to loneliness,
Have a drink on me.
Gaze into the empty glass,
Tell me what you see.

Reflections of a broken heart,
Beating out of tune.
Fill it up again my friend,
I must be leaving soon.

Closing time is drawing near,
So pour another round.
Almost crying time again
Unless the memories drown.

One last drink to emptiness,
I feel it closing in.
The glowing warmth of nothingness
Has saved me once again.

I've looked at life in may ways,
But lived it all in dreams.
Escaping from a senseless fear
Of life's realities.

Now I find myself alone,
Imprisoned by the past.
Viewing life through silent tears
And another empty glass.

Share just one more drink with me,
And I'll be going home.
I love to have a drink with friends,
But I have to cry alone.


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