The Cabin Chapbook

Season's Change 

It's funny how the time goes by,
I never knew how it could fly.
The summer leaves have turned to brown,
Before I know it they'll be on the ground.

Never thought about tomorrow,
Seemed like a long time away.
Now I'm drowning in my sorrow,
Thinking of all my yesterdays.

Never thought I'd be so lonely,
After such a long, long time,
Or pay so much but never own
The things I thought were mine.

Still I'm hoping the sun will shine,
And she's the only thing on my mind.
Winter's coming, I feel so old,
If she were here I'd never feel the cold.

But here I am so all alone and sad,
Never thought I'd ever feel this bad.
The hands of time are quietly ticking by,
I try to sleep but I can only cry.

No one here to see the tears fall,
As they overflow my eyes.
Desperately hoping she might call,
To tell a few more pretty lies.

Does she know I'm thinking of her,
Or does she really even care?
Many times I said I love her,
Did I ever made it clear?

Every morning the cold winds blow,
Still so many things I'll never know.
Sometimes it seems so hard to understand,
It didn't turn out quite the way I planned.

Now I realize it's not a game,
And I know I'll never be the same.
The season's changing now and so am I,
Another chance at love has passed me by.


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