The Cabin Chapbook


Price of Freedom 

Sometimes we stop and wonder
Who we have become,
Where our dreams have led us,
Life spent on the run.

All the time we wasted,
Proving who we are.
Reaching out for something,
Trying to touch the stars.

Crying in the nighttime,
Darkness hides the tears.
Laughing in the sunlight,
To cover up the fear.

Building up the image,
Wanting to be strong.
Looking for a reason,
Needing to belong.

All the sacrifices,
Was it worth the pain?
When we lost the innocence,
Was there something gained?

We learn from our mistakes,
Things we should have known.
Once we called it freedom,
Now we're just alone.

Dreams we still remember
Haven't touched them yet.
Scattered in between them,
Nightmares to forget.

Time can change the rules,
The game gets hard to play.
The lonely price of freedom,
Is sometimes hard to pay.


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