The Cabin Chapbook


Writer's Question 

Through all the lines I've written,
And things I've tried to say,
Was anybody listening
Or has time just passed away?

The songs and poems are growing,
Though few have ever heard.
And still I search in silence
For the meaning to my words.

There's something out there somewhere,
We all have yet to find.
But here I am in nowhere,
As I add another line.

And somewhere within each line
There's a tiny part of me,
From a past and future time
Where I was and hope to be.

Are you out there listening,
Do you hear my words?
Did you understand
Where my feelings were?

Have I made a point,
Will you ever learn?
When a heart's on fire
Do the feelings burn?

Through nights of inspiration,
And days I hoped for some,
I've suffered the frustrations,
As I wait for words to come.

And now I often wonder
If all was done in vain.
Are my feelings silent thunder,
And my words just falling rain?

But no one has the answers
As I search from day to day.
I'm just another dancer
In this lonely passion play.

But still the words keep flowing,
Like emotions on the wind,
As the wind is forever blowing,
So the writer writes again.


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