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North, South, East, and West 

There's a girl in West Virginia,
And her daddy works the mine.
He brings the coal dust home to her,
No gold in there to find.

The money earned buys food for thought.
But not much more it seems.
The life he wants but cannot touch
She lives within her dreams.

There's a boy in Eastern Europe,
Stands in line to buy his bread.
Sees a picture there of Lenin,
Another hero of the dead.

And he dreams of distant freedom,
In a land so far away.
Like that town in West Virginia,
Where the miners work for pay.

And the man in South Dakota,
Lived his whole life on the farm.
Faith in God and fertilizer,
Kept the family safe from harm.

But the tax man has the papers,
And the bank still holds the loan.
Couldn't make that final payment,
So tomorrow the farm is gone.

Today in Northern Ireland,
A farm boy builds a bomb,
To pay a final debt to men
Who killed his dad and mom.

They'll blame it on the I. R. A.
And other men will die.
We'll hear it on the evening news,
And never blink an eye.

West, East, South and North,
The price is paid but what's it worth?
Different worlds for all to see,
But still the same reality.

In North Korea life goes on,
Despite the years of hell.
Rice still grows and children play
Where bombs and rockets fell.

A blonde haired girl with Asian eyes
Is taunted by her friends.
Though Mother Nature made her peace,
The fighting never ends. 

South Africa is burning down,
The flames light up the night.
Fear and hate, the way of life
Between the black and white.

A question of equality,
With answers hard to find.
So lives are lost and spirits crushed,
And peace is left behind.

The Middle East is up in arms,
They die for barren land.
The kingdoms fight their Holy Wars,
For castles made of sand.

The world looks on and chooses sides
In wars that have no end.,
God's chosen people choose their fate,
No message does He send.

The Golden West sits in the haze,
Beneath the setting sun,
Where hours are spent in traffic jams,
When the working day is done.

The drive by shootings make the news,
And children pay the price.
The drug of choice this week is Crack,
Or was it Crank, or Ice?

North, South, East or West,
Who's the strongest, who's the best?
Lives are lived and lives are lost
And no one totals up the cost.

In South Chicago tempers flare,
And sirens pierce the night.
Blood runs freely in the streets,
Two gangs have had a fight.

Some kids will spend the night in jail,
It makes their lives seem real.
Their families broke up years ago,
The scars will never heal.

Life's great in North America,
And freedom leads the way.
In God We Trust, but bombs are built
With taxes that we pay.

The politicians say the things
They think we want to hear.
But ask a simple question and
The answer's not so clear.

A wall comes down in West Berlin,
And East Berlin as well.
A symbol of another time
When freedom went to hell.

And hope is high but fear remains,
The scars still run so deep.
So many seeds were planted there,
What will the future reap?

In East L.A. a newborn screams,
And many hear his cry.
The mother walks away in tears ,
Tomorrow he will die.

Her home is in the city streets,
The park bench is her bed.
At least the child will never know
The life his mother led.

South, North, West and East,
Who pays the price, who feeds the beast?
Some win, some lose, it's just a game,
And in the end we're all the same.

We'll see the sun rise in the East
To start another day,
And go about our lives much like
We did just yesterday.

And time will pass along the way,
Like all the time before.
We'll dream the dreams we always dream
But hope for something more.

Then as the sun sinks in the West,
We'll think of what we've done.
Of all the battles fought that day
We'll count the few we won.

The North Star shines it's ancient light
On all humanity.
But darkness in the heart of man
Is deeper than the sea.

It touches every human soul,
Of every faith and land,
As all the pain of life and death
Is felt by every man.

Somewhere another child is born,
His cries ring through the night.
He knows no fear or prejudice,
No thoughts of wrong or right.

But in his soul a dream lives on
Of destiny and fate,
Where peace and hope and love will join
To fight a war on hate.

North, South, East and West,
We're all a part of all the rest.
As all are born, so all shall die,
While life goes on and time goes by.

O N EW O R L D...


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