The Cabin Chapbook


Where The Day Takes You 

Do you know where the day may take you,
	Do you follow it to the end?
Do you feel a touch of madness,
	Does the darkness hide your sins?

--- (Every 26 seconds...) ---

It's a long and lonely highway,
	When the mean streets take your soul,
And there are no walls around you,
	And there's no place left to go.

--- (a child...) ---

When the garden has no roses,
	When the rainbow holds no gold,
There's a price you pay for freedom
	Where your dreams are bought and sold,

--- (runs away...) ---

Where the future has no meaning
	And the past stays locked away,
You may not wake up tomorrow
	So you live just for today.

--- (from home.) ---

But you go where the day may take you,
	And you follow it to the end.
You may feel a touch of sadness
	As the darkness comes again.

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