The Cabin Chapbook



In silent contemplation of the way things came to be,
Your picture stands before me quietly looking back at me.
And in your eyes so pretty I can see the distant stars,
That led us on a journey bringing us to where we are.

The past a faded memory of a younger boy and girl,
Who had to find the answers to the questions in their world.
They walked together briefly all those many years ago,
And held each other tightly learning what there was to know.

But life's a brutal teacher with the lessons hard to learn,
And time's a soft reminder of the bridges that they burned.
Somewhere along the journey they let each other go,
Their gentle love left floating in time's unending flow.

The demons of the darkness carry sharp and mighty swords,
And cut the bonds between them formed by softly spoken words.
They struggled in the current of the rivers of the heart,
Then lost sight of each other as they drifted far apart.

At times a distant yearning seemed to brighten up the night,
They floated to their separate shores like moths towards a light.
They lingered in the glow of arms that pulled them from the deep,
But every light grew dim upon the dreams they had to seek.

They heard a voice so fragile from the depths within their minds,
Reminding them of something that they still were meant to find.
It called them from the darkness like a vision of the past,
A memory flickered briefly of a love they thought had passed.

The years kept rolling slowly and their hearts were pulled along,
In search of scattered rhythms to an old familiar song.
The words were often silent but the music clear and true,
It stroked a chord within them but it offered not a clue.

They found a fleeting comfort in the dreams they held so tight,
And focused on survival in their darkest lonely nights.
Their worlds were ever spinning to a brighter destiny,
But still the future cloaked itself in silent mystery.

Then all at once the river took a tender flowing turn,
Standing there before them was the bridge they thought had burned.
And floating to the surface was a picture caught in time,
Of near forgotten memories hidden deeply in their mind.

Their lives had been a circle leading back to love they lost,
It stretched across the distance of the bridge they never crossed.
And there they stood together with their hands so tightly clasped,
They'd finally found each other and the dream was in their grasp.

The stars that led us onward were the memories held inside,
And now they're shining brightly from the glow within your eyes.
Your pictures are the symbols of the dream that's coming true,
And beautiful reminders of the love I have for you.


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