The Cabin Chapbook


Curtis Foltz
Curtis Foltz
June 3, 1980 - September 3, 1996

In Remembrance 

What lies beyond the life we live
With every passing day,
When all the brightness of our dreams,
Turns cloudy, then to gray?

When storms rage in our darkness,
And we see no place to hide,
When all that we have lost
Seems more than what we find.

When every star within the sky,
Grows cold and far away,
And words don't hold the meaning
For the things we need to say.

Beyond the life we've come to know,
Are the answers for us all.
Sometimes the ones we lose
Have only heard their gentle call.

They reach beyond the earthly chains,
That bound their spirits tight,
And spread their wings in silent grace,
To set their souls in flight.

And far above the angels smile,
Their arms held open wide,
To welcome loved ones home again,
To hold them safe inside.

The flutter of their wings sends
Memories scattered on the wind,
So they may swirl around us,
In remembrance of a friend.

So hold their memories tightly,
Like a candle in the night,
And let the flame remind you
Of the one eternal light.


In memory of Curtis Foltz- June 3, 1980 - September 3, 1996


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angels courtesy of Joan Kirk from Angelic Artistry