The Cabin Chapbook


If Only 

If only we could walk amongst the dreams within the night,
And hold our gentle passions when we wake at morning light,
We'd find some comfort in the day and hold it deep within,
To keep us safe from lonely fears 'till we could dream again.


If only we could find a place to lay our minds to rest, Where we could feel the warmth of love in every whispered breath, We'd surely conquer time and space for all eternity, And solve the riddles of the heart with all it's mysteries. If only we could soar above the mountain peaks so high, And fly abreast of eagles through the early morning sky, We'd capture rays of sunlight on the tips of spreading wings, And paint a glowing rainbow that would make the angels sing.

If only we could build a bridge to join the separate worlds, Of every soul who walks alone in search of dreams unfurled, We'd bring them all together so their thoughts would be as one, And drown within the magic of the paradise to come. If only we could see beyond the visions of today, And touch the distant future that is sure to come our way, We'd light a candle on a path for everyone to see, So they could be the person now, that they were meant to be.


If only we could find a way to catch the flowing tears, Of every broken heart we've known throughout the many years, We'd scatter them amongst the clouds to form a peaceful rain, To fall upon the flowers so the tears aren't shed in vain. If only there was something more that we could understand, About the dreams we've often held within our trembling hands, We'd touch the light that every soul must someday walk towards, And guide them in their journey with the rhythm of our words.


If only you were here with me, or I was there with you, I'm sure we'd find a million things that we could surely do, To make the world a better place for others yet to find, So maybe they would also try to leave some love behind. "In Memory of Levon Parker"


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