The Cabin Chapbook


Cry For Sanity 

Our time is running out
There is no place to hide.
All the people scream and shout,
And think of suicide.

Acid rain is falling down
We're drowning in the tide.
Toxic waste is underground,
Don't try to go outside.

Can't you hear the children cry?
What will we leave for them?
Have you lost your sanity?
We're coming to the end.

Looking for some peace of mind,
Our leaders turn their head,
Are they just to blind to see
Where all their lies have led?

We keep calling,
There's nobody home,
Where are you?
You keep stalling,
The seeds of war are sown,
Where are you?

Time to put them in their place,
And make our voices heard.
Have to make them understand,
We've got to spread the word.

There is no time to hesitate,
It's such a fragile world.
We can plant the seeds of peace,
A flag to be unfurled.

Give the kids a chance at life,
The future's calling now.
Everyone must make a stand,
We'll show the leaders how.

Make them see our point of view,
They've got to understand.
It's only up to me and you,
The future's in our hands.

We're still calling,
Is anybody home,
Where are you?
The sky is falling,
The seeds of war have grown,
Where are you?

By: Alan W. Goodson and Ray Guy

*originally written in Oakland, Ca. as "protest song" for Tsunami


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