The Cabin Chapbook


I Speak 

I speak in tongues to no one there,
In silent rooms, where no one cares.
And those who peer through windows clear,
Have filtered views of thoughts concealed.

I say hello but no one hears,
Just words that dance through salty tears,
Across the lines to distant lands,
Small grains of thought on desert sands.

I walk through walls without a sound,
Where space and time become unbound,
To mingle with the faceless crowds,
And read my silent thoughts aloud.

I wander through the empty hall,
Like a shadow puppet on the wall,
No light can ever penetrate,
Nor ray of sun illuminate.

I seek the truth beneath the lies,
With little hope for compromise,
Where black is black and white is white,
And storm clouds form where they unite.

I hope for more while finding less,
When sins revealed are not confessed,
While hours tick away with haste,
And time is all that's left to waste.

I dream of peace beneath the stars,
But wake to sounds of distant wars,
Where mothers pray for dying sons,
Who traded toys for smoking guns.

I search for words I cannot find,
To light a candle for the blind,
Who wouldn't see it anyway,
Or hear the words I meant to say.

I yearn for love but wonder why,
When no one cares enough to try,
And fear creeps in to steal the light,
From those who turn to face the night.

I cry in pain that no one feels,
An empty world where nothing's real,
And as I die, I hope to smile,
I speak, but only for a while.


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