The Cabin Chapbook


Silent Screams 

The streets are loud with silent screams
  Beneath the moonless night.
They glisten with a million tears
  Below the cold street lights.

We quickly find our way back home
  Escaping to our dreams.
And leave the streets abandoned
  To the reapers of our schemes.

We find our welcome comfort
  In the warmth of walls we build
To shelter us from all our fears,
  A brick and mortar shield.

Surrounded by our peace of mind,
  We lock ourselves inside.
And live our soft realities
  We worked so hard to find.

But just outside the boundary
  Of our ivory tower life,
A serpent from the garden
  Pulls a long and jagged knife.

He holds it close against the throat
  Of a child who went astray,
And wandered from the shelter
  To become a runaway.

His blood flows swift and sure
  To form a puddle at his feet,
And then he dies a lonely death
  A victim of the street.

A block away a mother screams
  In pain of giving birth,
She knows she'll never finish school
  Or find her sense of worth.

Her baby cries in protest of
  The life he'll have to live.
He'll grow to hate to world he knows
  With little love to give.

And down the street the sirens scream
  In perfect harmony.
A desperate race to save a life
  From drive by destiny.

Not far away a homeless man
  Lies quietly down to sleep.
His bed a filthy alleyway
  Where no one sees him weep.

His sole possessions by his side
  He dreams of distant hope.
A ship that sails beyond his reach,
  But still he learns to cope.

And somewhere in the distance
  Bullets streak across the sky,
To find their fatal target
  As another dealer dies.

His life was lived beneath the shame
  Of all the lives he trashed,
And ended as he turned his back
  To count his sacred cash.

We'll hear it on the morning news,
  Another fateful night.
Much like the ones that came before
  Forgotten, out of sight.

Tomorrow's yet another day
  Beyond the silent screams.
The streets will look much brighter
  Than the darkness makes them seem.

But in the shadows of our mind
  We feel a sense of pain,
And wonder if the lives we lost
  Are worth the life we gain.


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