The Cabin Chapbook


Sins and Needles 

So you think you've found the answers
To the things you need to know.
You think your fears are over,
But listen before you go.
I know just where you're coming from
And I know where you have been.
You're not the first I've known
To make this mistake my friend.

Drugs are not the tissues,
To wipe away your tears,
And a needle cannot comfort you
In the coming lonely years.
Fantasies are fine to have
To mingle with your dreams,
But living in a fantasy
Is not quite what it seems.

Chemicals take the pain away,
As I'm sure you must have found,
But problems that you're escaping from
Will remain when you come down.
The head rush that you feel,
May change your cries to smiles,
But the relief you get from shooting drugs
Can only last a while.

Wouldn't it be much better now
To stand on your own two feet,
Than too let your sins and needles
Bring you down in quick defeat.
I hope I've been able to reach you
With the lessons I have learned.
Just remember when you play with fire
It's your life that will get burned.


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