The Cabin Chapbook


Song For A Child 

Somewhere there are answers,
For questions that you ask.
Just take a look around you,
Don't live your life too fast.

Love is out there somewhere,
You're sure to find it soon.
Just keep your feet on solid ground
While reaching for the moon.

There is no true perfection,
The world is full of pain.
Stop to smell the roses,
Reach out and touch the rain.

There is no shame in crying,
Sometimes we all need help.
While searching for your freedom
Look deep within yourself.

Life may not be easy,
And dreams can let you down.
Never give up trying,
Though fear is all around.

Don't let nightmares scare you,
It's all within your mind.
Be your own best friend,
When friends are hard to find.

Stand behind your feelings,
When you feel they're right.
Have an open mind,
And keep your goals in sight.

Above all just remember,
As long as you're alive,
The greatest truth of all,
Only the strong survive.


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