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Our goal at LEAP is to offer and award annual educational scholarships for immediate use to each of our three youth bowler divisions. These scholarships pay for a variety of educational camps, programs and extracurricular courses.

We seek out reputable day camps, residential camps, programs and organizations

offering fun and educational benefits to all children. Our scholarship winners choose among these programs based on the level of award they received.

We include as wide a variety of programs as practical.  So far we have programs that address bowling (of course!), forestry, fine arts, performing arts, science, leadership, computers, paramedics, horsemanship, journalism, health and fitness, crafts, ecology, literature and writing, water sports and marine life, technology, social sciences and more.

Many of the selected programs include ROPES courses, leadership programs, self-esteem workshops and challenge and adventure courses.  Some college-sponsored programs even feature on-campus dorm living for students!

A few of our selections include camps that are gender specific, and most have age or grade level restrictions.  There are also several non-denominational Christian camps included. The Christian and gender-specific programs made our list not because we endorse any particular program or religion, but because of their scholarly affiliations, accreditations and/or their reputation as diverse and beneficial program.

We generally try to limit camp distances to no more than 400 miles away from our local area so a selection does not have the potential to impose a travel burden on families. We conducted a parent survey which indicated this was about the limit most families would be able to travel. 

The criteria used in earning a scholarship allows all bowlers, regardless of skill level, an equal opportunity to win an award.  Using non-bowling skills criteria is one way we've opened these opportunities to a wider group of children. Using different levels of awards allows us to award more scholarships to each group and to remain age-appropriate with presentations.


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