Pin Decorating Contest December 18, 2005
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Benton County Daily Record, December 19, 2004

Rudolph bowls over Judges
By Kyle Weaver Staff Writer

ROGERS The Rogers Junior Bowling League knows how to knock pins down.

On Saturday, the largest junior bowling league in the state showed that they could doll them up as well. Rogers Fire Chief Wesley Lewis, Police Chief Steve Helms and Assistant to the mayor Wendy Shumate judged 52 bowling pins that had been decorated to celebrate Christmas.

"It's just something for them to do besides bowling," John Bosteder, president of the Rogers Junior Bowling League, said.

Some pins were designed with tradition in mind. The pear-shaped pins naturally lent themselves to snow men, angels and Santa Claus.

But popular culture also proved to be an influence; both a Pokemon character and the Grinch were included in the contest. It was, however, a more traditional holiday fixture that took top honors.

Tommy Angleman, 13, won first place with his bowling pin Rudolph.


While most of the designs used the pin vertically, Angleman's stood out as one of the few that incorporated the pin horizontally.The event went so well that the organizers said they plan to decorate pins for both Valentine's Day and Easter.


Order of Events

Goody bags presented as Pins are turned in

Judges select winners, provide president with listing

Winners accept award and remain with judges


Fire Chief Wesley Lewis presents award

Mayor Asst. Wendy Shumate places ribbons on pins

Vice President announces 2nd and 3rd place winners

President announces 1 st place winner


Police Chief Steve Helms present awards

Asst. Wendy Shumate places ribbons on pins

Vice President announces 2nd and 3rd place winners

President announces 1 st place winner

Winners and Judges remain in place for photos

Secretary announces Special Presentation

Reading (click to read)

Presentation of Plaque

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Bantam Prep Entries
Special Reading
Special Presentation

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indicate which entry or photo is yours, and and we will post that
information with the photograph.

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Fire Chief Wesley Lewis and Police Chief Steve Helms with the difficult job of judging so many great entries.

Bantam Prep Winners
Junior/Major/Senior Winners
  1st Place J/M/S Tommy Angleman
Junior/Major/Senior Entries
Bantam Prep Entries
Nick Bosteder's (J/M/S) Snowman
 2nd Place J/M/S
Ashley Bingham
Bobby and Tommy Angleman (J/M/S)look at their winning entries
Tommy Angleman's Rudolph and Bobby Angleman's sleigh take 1st and 2nd J/M/S
Bobby and Tommy Angleman (J/M/S)
Josh Brewer and Nick Bosteder, J/M/S
More Images COMING SOON!




Special Thanks to ROBIN JOHNSON for donating a $250 Rogers Bowling Center gift certificate to the Rogers Junior Bowlers. Robin won the gift certificate as part of a Junior Bowlers Fundraiser, then donated it back to the Juniors. The certificate was used to provide prizes for the Pin Decorating Contest in December 2004.

Special Thanks to the following business for contributing items to make prizes packages for winners and goody bags presented to participants in the 2004 Pin Decorating Contest: Malco Six movie passes; Sonic burger and slush coupons; Wendy's burger coupons; Burger King - burger coupons; McDonald's happy meal coupons; Walmart candy.

Thanks also to RJB Board Members who not only supplied other items for the goody bags, but assembled them as well.

Please Visit the RJB Supporters Page


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