Special Thanks to L.E.A.P. for Certified Coaching Class Scholarships for our youth bowlers
Special Thanks to for teaching and helping 13 youth become Certified Level I Coaches
Special Thanks to George Van Dyke, "The Wood Craft Man," for donating a beautiful hand crafted lightbox for auction.
Special Thanks to and the Rogers Bowling Center for providing free games for the Juniors' Coaching Clinics
Special Thanks to the ROGERS WOMEN'S BOWLING ASSOCIATION and the MEN'S BENTON COUNTY BOWLING ASSOCIATION for funds donated to purchase trophies for the First Annual Rogers City Tournament held February 19-20, 2005.
Special Thanks to the ROGERS BOWLING CENTER ADULT LEAGUES for their continued support through donations of half of their 50/50 pots.
Special Thanks to ROBIN JOHNSON for donating a $250 Rogers Bowling Center gift certificate to the Rogers Junior Bowlers. Robin won the gift certificate as part of a Junior Bowlers Fundraiser, then donated it back to the Juniors. The certificate was used to provide prizes for the Pin Decorating Contest in December 2004.

Special Thanks to the following business for contributing items to make prizes packages for winners and goody bags presented to participants in the 2004 Pin Decorating Contest: Malco Six movie passes; Sonic burger and slush coupons; Wendy's burger coupons; Burger King - burger coupons; McDonald's happy meal coupons; Walmart candy. Thanks also to RJB Board Members who not only supplied other items for the goody bags, but assembled them as well.


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