The Cabin Chapbook


For the Heroes and the Bold 

Three... Two... One... We have liftoff...


In the golden glory of the hour after dawn
The shuttle rises upward as we hear her deafening song.
We watch in silent wonder as she spreads her wings to fly
On smoking clouds of cotton into the morning sky.

Her fiery tails reach earthward with a glow to match the sun
As she rises into space, another flight begun.
And ten miles down below, as we watch her fade from view,
We offer silent prayer for the safety of her crew.

But as our prayers end we no longer hear her song,
We gaze into the heavens knowing something must be wrong.
And as we watch in horror, her flight has reached an end,
A distant sound like thunder carries to us on the wind.


Now as the moment lingers, we stare and disbelieve,
Hoping we've just imagined what we know our eyes have seen.
And in that awful silence the truth is slowly found,
The shuttle has exploded, the bird has fallen down.

That moment of time stands frozen in the icy claws of death,
As a shudder passes through us like a final dying breath.
The voice of Fate has spoken to us all, both young and old,
Leaving only tears of sorrow for the heros and the bold.

Challenger Team

Written in tribute to our heros, the seven crew members of the space shuttle Challenger, who died in search of knowledge on 28 January 1986.


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