The Cabin Chapbook


Michael's Star 

Another star was born,
Not so very long ago,
Now the heavens shine much brighter
With a special kind of glow.

And the light falls down upon you,
Who knew this special heart.
A beacon there to guide you,
Down below, so far apart.

The angels sing more sweetly,
Since they have an added voice,
God called him there to join them,
There could be no other choice.

A heart too large to be contained
Within this earthly realm,
So He reached out to bring it home,
And Michael went to Him.

The colors of the rainbow,
Seem to have a deeper hue,
A promise sent from heaven
That he'll wait right there for you.

And when your heart has gathered
All the light that it can hold,
You'll find yourself with Michael,
And your star will add it's glow.

Rest in peace Michael


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