The Cabin Chapbook


Jenny - Age 8Jenny - Age 18
Jennifer Machetti
May 4, 1959 - December 8, 1978

A Song For Jennifer 

It seems like yesterday
When I last saw your face,
A bright spark of hope
In this darkened place.

A look of innocence
Like I've never seen,
Then the spark was gone
You put an end to your dream.

A season has passed, since you went away,
And I walk the grounds, where we once played.
You're home now, you suffer pain no more,
But the memory of you, in my heart, is stored.

In this world gone mad, no one heard your voice,
So in silence you dealt with your final choice.
And in silence you live, in my dreams of the past,
And no light can shine through the shadow you cast.

Were the questions you had
Just too hard to ask,
Or were the answers you found
Wearing too many masks?

You might have found shelter
From the cold falling rain.
But too much was lost
And nothing was gained.

And now that it's over, and now that you're gone,
I have all your memories, but still I'm alone.
The fate that you followed, left no room for me,
So I toast you in sorrow, may your spirit be free.

Going Home


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