How We Came To Be

Founded in 2004, LEAP began as a one-person committee charged with seeking out educational benefits and scholarships for our bowlers. The search for something different proved difficult.

The traditional college scholarship program seemed to lack immediate rewards and did little to inspire a love of learning in youngsters. The following drawbacks to traditional scholarships were noted:

  aChildren must wait sometimes up to ten years before they benefit from an award

 aAn award may go unrealized if situations or finances interfere with college plans

aAwards often go to a select, more skilled group of bowlers, discouraging new or less    skilled bowlers from competing.

The idea of supporting educational programs and camps emerged. Parents and bowlers were surveyed, and support for the idea was overwhelming. The criteria and availability of scholarships for these type of programs, however, left a large gap in what we wanted to provide, which was a certainty that participants of our program would reap rewards.

Our bowlers would have to compete with thousands of other children to earn scholarships directly from the selected programs.  And scholarships availability can be scarce. They are often extended only to those children displaying high academic success, financial need or who fall into a pre-defined category.

With the decision that we would somehow provide the funding ourselves, the LEAP program was born. We would somehow raise enough funds to provide at least seven awards each year. Funds willing, of course, we would send each one of our more than 130 bowlers to a program of their choice. What was once a one-person committee now boasts over ten dedicated members.


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