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We are a committee that strives to enrich the lives of our community's youth, and we recognize the unique responsibility that community has for its young citizens.

We are proud of our young bowlers and the commitment they have for the sport and for their league. And we may recognize even more than they do,

the benefits they receive. 

Research shows that children involved in community clubs and organizations are more likely to have positive behaviors and more likely to be successful in their education. Like all parents, we want the best education for our children. We recognize, however, that education is a life-long process and takes place equally in and out of the classroom.

Reflecting the sentiment of all parents, we hope to provide our children with the best possible tools to be successful and a wide range of positive experiences. That is the primary reason we encourage their participation in bowling. Additionally, our involvement in their experiences help our children gain the confidence, security and courage they need to explore a variety of challenging activities. Not only do we want to help them develop these tools, but we want to provide them the experiences in which they can apply and expand these tools.

That is why our goal is to provide ongoing educational opportunities for our youth. Instead of rewarding our best-skilled bowlers with scholarships they must wait years to use, if they use them, we reward positive non-bowling skill behaviors with scholarships they can benefit from now.












: Founder and Chairman, Treasurer; Secretary March 9, 2005
: Co-Chairman, PR/Funding Subcommittee February 12, 2005
PR/Funding Subcommittee January 22, 2005
: Special Olympics, PR/Funding Subcommittee December 4, 2004
: Awards Research November 20, 2004
: Winners' Coordinator November 6, 2004
Rhonda Brewer  
Jim Brewer  
Samantha Lazar  
Allen Bradbury  


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