Jr.Youth Board, Elected and Appointed (Junior/Major/Senior Youth)
Bantam Prep Officers (Bantan Prep Youth)
Sr. House Board, Elected and Appointed (Sr. Adult/Advisors)
Coaching: Coaches, Instructor, Director, Director's Page Link
Committees Descriptions and Members

Jr. Youth Board 2005-06
Jr. Youth Elected Positions



Jared Knox Vice President
Ben Shook Posting Person
Board also includes all J/M/S Team Captains

Bantam Prep Officers 2005-06 (elected Fall 2005)

TBA President
TBA Vice President
TBA Secretary
TBA Treasurer
TBA Sergeant-At-Arms
Board includes all B/P Team Captains

Sr. Adult Board 2005-06
Sr. Adult Elected Positions


Vice President

Lacey Hubbard

Vice President PeeWee

Susan Shumate Association Secretary
Cheryl Bosteder League Secretary
Kelley Anderson Treasurer
Chief Information Officer, Scholarships
Jim Brewer Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Marty Young Board Member

Sr. Adult Appointed Positions

Director of Coaching, Sr. Youth Director

Lacey Hubbard

Jr. Youth Director

Kay Shook Awards Director
Sharon Goodson Director of Operations

LEVEL I & II Insructor:
Director of Coaching, Silver Level Coach
John Bosteder
Susan Shumate
Sheryl Anthony I
Teddy Bingham
Cherly Bosteder
Ross Bosteder
Jim Brewer
Rhonda Brewer I
Tom Burns I
Dan Carter I
David Cracraft
Patrica Cracraft
Robert Eichler I
Ted Fritz
Sharon Goodson
Lacey Hubbard I
Les Humphrey
Joe Jouett
Whitney Miller
Kay Shook
Lonnie Smith
Randy Sparks I
Melissa Thomas

Josh Adams I, L.E.A.P. Winner
Skye Adams I, L.E.A.P. Winner
Jesse Anderson I, L.E.A.P. Sponsered
Robert Angleman I, L.E.A.P. Winner
Thomas Angleman I, L.E.A.P. Winner
Franci Bosteder I, L.E.A.P. Winner
Kenneth Bosteder I
Nick Bosteder I, L.E.A.P. Winner
April Brewer I, L.E.A.P. Winner
Josh Brewer I, L.E.A.P. Winner
Benjamin Shook I, L.E.A.P. Winner
Geoffrey Shook I

Christina Sitgraves

I, L.E.A.P. Winner

Steven Sperry I, L.E.A.P. Winner

Committees and Members 2005-06



•  Committee elects Chairman
•  President should appoint, but not serve as member
•  Recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership
•  Keep all discussion of nominees confidential
•  Check membership status/dues, etc. to ensure candidates are qualified (members of the committee may be candidates without resigning from the committee)
•  Attempt to find more than one candidate for each office
•  Get consent of candidate before placing name on slate
•  Outline office duties to candidates
•  Develop & present slate of officers at least ____ before open elections
•  Ensure each office has a separate election to enable unsuccessful candidates for one position to run for another (Presidential election is first, with the Vice President presiding)
•  Develop ballot system/method
•  Reside over elections, count votes, verify
•  Chairman presents election results to floor
•  Committee provides final, written report to Board

MEMBERS: Ross Bosteder, David Cracraft, Tricia Cracraft, Susan Shumate



•  Committee elects Chairman
•  Check Treasurer's records at specified times to verify incomes, expenditures and balances
•  Ensures league's funds have been deposited and disbursed as directed
•  Ensure records have been accurately and completely kept
•  Ensure expenses have been paid
•  May also have need to auditing league records, averages and position standings
•  Reports to Board
•  Conduct minimum ____meetings
•  Keep/maintain minutes
• Submit written reports to Board

MEMBERS: David Cracraft


•  Director lead (Director of Operations)
•  Establish updated league operations, organize operations for efficiency
•  Identify league goals and responsibilities
•  Identify strengths and weaknesses in current structure
•  Establish written proposals and guidelines for operation functions
•  Assist with establishing/documenting policies and rules
•  Establish/update job descriptions for board approval and adaptation
•  Recommend new positions to the board
•  Evaluate, develop and recommend programs and committees to board
•  Establish/update various committee responsibilities for board approval and adaptation
•  Keep and maintain minutes and other records of development
•  Work directly with league committees relating to recommended operations
•  Query league members for needs and wants
•  Provide forum for operation challenges
•  Provide annual self-evaluation and goal objectives to Board
•  Consider Board training Program
•  Initial Goal – Develop and present workable format for 2005-06 season
• Reports to House Board/President

MEMBERS: Director Operations Sharon Goodson, Teddy Bingham, Cheryl Bosteder, Barbara Burr, Kay Shook, Doug Sperry


•  Officer lead (Chief Information Officer)
•  Contact media outlets about events, etc.
•  Assist in wide-distribution of material
•  Newsletters, electronic and hardcopy
•  Website
•  Secure supplier for discounts/donations copy materials
•  Maintain email lists
Parent Volunteer Subcommittee:
•  Gather, maintain, coordinate records of volunteer skills and availabilities
•  Work with Media/Communications in preparing materials to survey/record information
•  Develop forms/communications for use by league to request specific needs, which this committee will attempt to match up with volunteer
•  Maintain records for volunteer recognition to be provided to Hall of Fame or Awards
•  May present related awards
•  Reports to House Board

MEMBERS: Information Officer Sharon Goodson, Kay Matthew, Youth April Brewer, Youth Calvin Ruppert, Youth Jimmy Gudger


•  Officer lead (Sr. Vice-President)
•  Research and consider a variety of creative ideas and options
•  Coordinate and oversee all fundraising activities and details
•  Solicit donations from various sources
•  Recruit other sponsors for monetary and material donations
•  Recruit and ensure adequate members/volunteers for events
•  Work directly with Treasurer and Board in establishing annual fundraising needs, goals and deadlines
•  Work with other committees sponsoring specific fundraising events
•  Consider at least one annual event that increases community awareness about the league and the sport of bowling
•  Consider various sponsorship levels and benefits to the company or individual (i.e. inclusion on website, plaque, special invite, ect.)
•  Attempt to identifiy and approach several potential new sponsors each year
•  Consider creating subcommittees for specific fundraising events
•  Submit to the Board written goals and proposed agendas with estimated earning per event and deadlines each year no later than ___ weeks after the start of the season
•  Conduct minimum ____meetings, Keep/maintain minutes
•  Submit financial and event recaps to board

MEMBERS: Sr. VP Kay Matthew, Youth April Brewer


•  Committee elects Chairman
•  Oversee, research, coordinate, arrange all tournaments
•  Distribute entry forms and other required materials
•  Submit entry forms and other required materials for tournaments
•  Work directly with Media Committee to promote/distribute
•  Provide relevant information to bowlers/members, i.e.: hotels, maps, times, etc.
•  Work directly with Awards Committee if warranted
•  If fundraiser tournament – assist sponsoring committee
•  May present tournament awards
•  Conduct minimum ____meetings; Keep/maintain minutes
•  Provide drafts of year's event to Board within ___ weeks after start of season
•  Reports to House Board
•  Consider Tournament Director (Tourn. Mang. Manual download from USBC)
•  Establish other subcommittees as needed

Special Events Subcommittee: Oversee/plan/organize special events such as Sign-Up day, Bowl-Out, Pin Decorating Contest. Work with other committees having special events

Banquet Subcommittee: Arrange banquet; Work with Treasurer on budget, Awards, Fundraising, Media, Special Events, if warranted

MEMBERS: John Bosteder, Susan Shumate, Cheryl Bosteder, Kay Matthew, Sharon Goodson, Lacey Matthew

HALL OF FAME COMMITTEE / PROGRAM   Hall of Fame Committee (recommended):

Director Lead (Awards Director)
Develop criteria, ballot method for selecting hall of fame members
Develop categories, i.e.: If Annual awards: consider for bowlers - most improved, scholarship winners, mentor, leader, youth director, etc.; for operations – ‘of the year' awards for: board member, committee, coach, volunteer, parent, supporter, etc.
Consider other outstanding accomplishments and contributions
Develop and maintain method of display at center
Maintain records and accomplishments of candidates
Consider presentations for categories, i.e.: plaques, patches, certificates
Consider presentation/inclusion methods, i.e.: banquet, event
Work with appropriate committees
Forward information/records to webmaster for posting on website
Presents related awards
Report to House Board
Conduct minimum ____meetings; Keep/maintain minutes

Prize (mandatory) Subcommittee:
•  Develop and submit for consideration one or more prize lists within five (5) weeks of the start of the schedule
•  Contact the Treasurer for an estimated budget or list of estimated expenses to work from •  Consider any league rules that effect the distribution of prizes
•  Reports to Awards Director, House Board
•  Conduct minimum ____meetings; Keep/maintain minutes

Awards (recommended) Subcommittee:
•  Work with the League Secretary/CEO to complete and file award applications
•  Present or help present association awards
•  Evaluate awards vendors/quotes
•  Order and secure awards
•  Work with Fundraising on donation of awards
•  Work with Tournament Committee on annual award needs
•  Work with other committees having recognition needs
•  May present some awards
•  Reports to Awards Director, House Board
•  Conduct minimum ____meetings; Keep/maintain minutes
MEMBERS: Awards Director Kay Shook


•  Develop and manage immediate reward scholarship program based on non-bowling criteria
•  Consider scholarships for education summer camps, local day camps and educational programs
•  Maintain information on bowling scholarships and programs
•  Provide at least annual supplemental information to bowlers regarding bowling programs and scholarships
•  Presents related awards
•  Reports to House Board
•  Works with Fundraising

MEMBERS: Chairman/Founder Sharon Goodson, Teddy Bingham, Cheryl Bosteder, Barbara Burr, Kay Shook, Doug Sperry, Allen Bradbury


  • Managed by Senior Youth Advisor/ Director
  • Meetings Chaired by Junior Youth Advisor/Director
  • Oversee YABA Youth Leader and Youth Leader Alumni Programs designed to help youth take leadership roles in promoting and expanding bowling while having fun.
  • Youth learn important life skills, have dynamic roles in activities at the decision-making level of bowling, including: setting goals, building teamwork, coordinating and leading meetings, promoting and recruiting youth bowling programs, holding fund-raisers, planning tournaments, coaching in YABA leagues, training and mentoring other youth bowlers, awarding scholarships.
  • There are two national Youth leader of the Year Awards that provide a scholarship and a seat on the National Board (if continued as USBC)
  • Conduct at least two committee meetings each half season; Keep/maintain minutes to include goals, activity and other ideas, names of mentored bowlers (if available)
  • Select Chairman for attendance to Board meetings (all members welcome to attend)
  • Consult with Youth Advisor and/or Operations for activity materials/ideas/assistance
  • Report to Youth Advisor

Committee may research other ideas and materials for a similar idea with similar goals using a less formal structure for presentation to board. Program should support a youth on each adult committee and support supervision of Youth Mentoring Committee.

The Alumni Program is a mentoring program that matches former Youth Leaders with current Youth Leaders. New leaders learn from the former leaders; former leaders continue to continue develop leadership skills and stay involved with YABA. Goals and focus of program includes working with current Youth Leaders on administrative processes, mentoring to help promote the growth of the alumni program, assisting in recruitment of new members, suggesting fund-raising ideas and creating a support structure for other young adults.

•  Members work with younger bowlers and/or new bowlers as friend and role model
•  Encouraged to be available to all children
•  Consider simple activities to conduct with bowlers/teams

MEETING MINUTES (CLICK ON DATE - use BACK button to return )
July 17, 2005 L.E.A.P. 03/09/05 L.E.A.P. 02/12/05
February 12, 2005 L.E.A.P. 01/22/05 L.E.A.P. 12/04/04
March 06, 2005 L.E.A.P. 11/20/05 L.E.A.P. 11/06/04

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